In 2011, construction of a 100 foot wide road destroyed sacred geoglyphs at the Giant Kokopilli near Blythe, Californina

Your support is needed to save these ancient treasures from further desecration.

Solstice  With Kokopilli & The Blythe Giants

A Teaching With
Yaqui Elder & Author

Alfredo Acosta Figueroa

December 21,  2013

Join Elders of the La Cuna de Aztlan Sacred Sites Protection Circle for a unique learning experience and a special trip to sacred indigenous sites around the Palo Verde Valley.

Explore the ancient Kokopilli Geoglyphs and Blythe Giant Figures. Hear their stories from an indigenous perspective. This sunrise to sunset field expedition includes guided tours to sacred sites for solstice observances.

Learn about efforts to protect these sacred spaces from destruction by corporate development and help defend these sites for future generations with your support.

  Gifts in any amount are deeply appreciated.

Give $50 or more and receive a signed copy of Alfredo Figueroa's

'Ancient Footprints of the Colorado River' '

Site Tours are Limited to 20 people

 Free dispersed primitive camping with no facilities is available near the Blythe Giant site on Highway 95. Please come prepared for winter camping in the desert and supplied with food, water, and a basic first aid kit.

The course is intended for people ages 16 and up. Unless absolutely necessary, pets and children are not encouraged to attend.

Blythe, CA

December 21, 2013

call 760.368.7849 for reservations or more information

Limited spaces available 

Transportation to Blythe, camping fees and meals not included.

 Inexpensive overnight camping is available near Blythe at

Wiley's Well


Ometeotl Geoglyph

A 200 foot Kokopilli figure on second mesa, a few miles north of the interstate 10 freeway near Blythe, is one of the main sites featured on the tour.

Watch 'Kokopilli Defenders' a preview of Kokopilli & The Last Giants

Coming soon from Panchebek Pictures

Recent victories against the hostile takeover of public land and sacred spaces have raised our spirits but depleted our limited funds. We urgently need your help to raise funds to prevent further destruction of the Blythe Giants. Click here to donate funds, services, and support.

Purchase Ancient Footprints of the Colorado River on a special edition DVD for $30 or more and 50% of the proceeds will go directly to preservation efforts.

Shipping included

Children of the Plumed Serpent

On Monday June 11, a delegation from the Sacred Sites Protection Circle were treated to a guided tour with Dr. Victoria Lyall, one of the curators of this amazing show. We strongly recommend visiting this important and breathtaking exhibit before it closes on July 1. We will post photos here soon. Tlazokomati to the amazing folks at LACMA.

The excerpt below is from a letter by Jaime Vega, a member of the delegation.

June 14, 2012

On Monday June 11, 2012 a meeting was set to meet with Dr. Victoria Lyall the curator
of the “Children of the Plumed Serpent: The Legacy of Quetzalcoatl in Ancient Mexico”
exhibit that is currently being showcased at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I was
honored to have been asked by our elder Don Alfredo Acosta Figueroa a Chemehuevi Sacred
Sites Tribal Monitor and Elder/Historian of La Cuna de Aztlan Sacred Sites Protection Circle of
Blythe, California to join him and his family to visit this exhibit. 
As we waited to see the curator for our 12:00PM tour, I began to reminisce of the many
experiences that I have had during my trips around Mexico City and Cuernavaca, Morelos. When
Dr. Lyall arrived it was like the spirit of “Cuauhtémoctzin” had come upon us to greet us on this
very important day. 

Click the  link below to read more.


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For screenings or presentations about the Blythe Giants, click here.

Inland Mexican Heritage is honored to be a member of

La Cuna De Aztlan Sacred Sites Protection Circle

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